Divorce Coaching

Your spouse tells you they want to move forward with separation or divorce.

You’ve decided you’re ready to move forward with separation or divorce.

So Where Do You Start?

The first step could be to work with a Certified Divorce Coach®.

No one plans on getting divorced and whether you initiate it, or your spouse does, it is one of the most stressful and life-changing events you will ever experience.

As you probably are already learning, divorce is so much more than a legal process.

It is an emotional, social, spiritual, and financial journey that includes a legal event as one step along the way.

What if you’re feeling overwhelmed with confusion and fear?

What if you had an expert who has been where you are, to walk down this path with you so that you have the guidance and support to process all the difficult emotions you may be feeling?

You are going to have to make decisions that will affect you, your family, and your finances for years to come.

You do not get a Do-Over in divorce, so trying to do this alone and making costly mistakes will only create regrets, anger, and resentment that are costly both financially and emotionally.

Are you struggling with managing the divorce process and need someone to be your thinking partner so that you know you’re not making costly mistakes? A divorce coach can help you with the emotional rollercoaster you’re on so that you can feel confident and secure through this difficult transition in your life.

A Certified Divorce Coach® is a professional whose work is future-focused and helps you with a goal-oriented, step-by-step process to navigate through your divorce and beyond. With the guidance and support of a divorce coach, you will have a safe and calm space to explore options and process those difficult emotions.

Even if you feel as though your life is coming apart at the seams, a divorce coach will take you step by step to assist you in developing a sense of control during this challenging time.

Here are some of the ways that a Certified Divorce Coach® can help you:

  • Should you stay or should you go? – helping you with that difficult decision.
  • Dealing with the shock, fear, anger, stress, and anxiety that you may be feeling regardless of whether you are initiating the divorce or your spouse is.
  • Understanding the different ways you can get divorced – DIY, mediation, collaborative process, and litigation – what might work best for your situation.
  • Preparing you for mediation through New Ways for Families Pre-Mediation Coaching.
  • Creating an action plan that breaks down the critical steps necessary so that there is nothing you may miss that will keep you awake at night.
  • Help you make decisions with confidence and focus on what matters most to you so that you have the best chance for getting the outcome you desire.
  • Dealing with a “high conflict” spouse – helping you make the adjustments you will need by giving you the skills and tools you will need to adjust and have the ability to respond instead of react to future situations.

“For most of us, contemplating divorce is scary, uncharted territory. Karen is that rational, supportive rock that you can rest on for a while between bouts of intense activity. Thank you, Karen, for being there…for your patience, your warmth, and non-judging manner.”

Cheryl N,