Divorce Coaching

Your spouse tells you they want to move forward with separation or divorce.

You’ve decided you’re ready to move forward with separation or divorce.

So where do you start?

The first step could be to work with a Certified Divorce Coach®.

Co-Parenting Coaching

Let me guide you through best practices.

I offer a complimentary call where we can talk about how I can help you so that your children have the best chance for a happy, secure, and healthy outcome in life going forward!

Pre-Mediation Coaching

Are you and your spouse deciding on whether or not to go to mediation?

Is your attorney recommending mediation instead of a costly court battle?

Is the court in your state requiring mediation before going in front of the judge in your divorce case?

Whatever the reason you may be choosing mediation or being required to go to mediation, do you know what to expect?

Collaborative Coaching

When working with a Certified Divorce Coach and Co-Parenting Specialist, you will be prepared to go through the Collaborative process with the support necessary to deal with the business of divorce.