C0llaborative Coaching

The changes you may need to make to your lifestyle following a divorce can be challenging. During the divorce process, the Divorce Coach strives to provide clarity and confidence that both parties are being heard, and that the rest of the Collaborative Team understands what you would like your life to look like after the divorce.

The process of divorce is one of the most difficult emotional experiences in a person’s life. The divorce coach you hire specializes in human behavior and family systems. As part of the Collaborative Divorce process, they provide a soft landing spot for the range of emotions that accompany divorce. You can work with a coach to determine what matters most to you in the divorce process, both for yourself and your children. By developing skills in open communication, self-management, and creative problem-solving, coaches can also help release the negative emotional energy that can accompany a divorce.

When working with a Certified Divorce Coach and Co-Parenting Specialist, you will be prepared to go through the Collaborative process with the support necessary to deal with the business of divorce.