Why is it so hard to leave when you know your marriage is not going to work?

You stay…

Even when your husband tells you he wants a divorce.

You stay…

Even when you know your husband has had an affair or is currently having an affair.

You stay…

Even when he’s cutting you off financially and telling you that you don’t deserve anything.

You stay…

Even when your family and friends are encouraging you to get a divorce.

I get it – it’s so hard because…

You’re hoping and praying he’ll come to his senses and change his mind.

You’re wanting to give it one last chance – after all you’ve invested all of these years…

You still love him.

You hate the idea of breaking up your family even though they understand the reasons why.

You hope he’ll get help with his alcohol or drug issues and finally get clean and sober.

why do we stay karen dorsey divorce coaching

Does this sound like you?
I felt all of these things and tried to rationalize why I didn’t want to get a divorce.

But here’s the thing.
There really are 3 big reasons why you may not be leaving.

1. Being afraid of making a mistake.
How scary is it to do something you’ve never done in your life? It’s terrifying.
What if you make a mistake?

It feels so final – you never anticipated your life turning out like this.
This could be a very long process and you just don’t want to deal with it.
And what about the cost? Where will the money come from for attorneys?

2. Being afraid of what your financial future will look like.

And this is huge…
Maybe your spouse has already taken away your credit cards and access to your
checking account.

What are you supposed to live on for the rest of your life?
Will he be fair in dividing up your assets? He’s probably already told you that
you have a lot of community debt, so don’t expect to get any money.
And maybe he’s planning on retiring soon, so there won’t be anymore income.
Were you a stay at home mom?
Will you have to go to work now?

3. Fear of being alone.
I hear this from so many women who have been in long term marriages.
Even when there is drug/alcohol abuse, domestic violence, etc., it seems
as though it’s better than being alone.
How are you going to feel being single again?
I remember how embarrassed I was to have to put “divorced” on the
form at my doctor’s office.
Yes, the marriage is over, but maybe it’s best to just stick it out and ignore what
he’s up to.
After all, it’s better than being alone, isn’t it?

So these seem to be 3 of the biggest reasons why we don’t leave.

Haven’t you already tried everything to keep this marriage together?
Counseling, praying for a miracle, patience, and even saying you’ll change and do whatever he wants you to do.

Unfortunately, these reasons will keep you stuck. You’ll risk losing more in your settlement agreement because you’re not taking action.
Your spouse may be looking out for his future lifestyle and you’re unable to take control of a situation you know deep down is going to end in divorce.

You’ve tried it all!

Now it’s time for you to take action.

Imagine what your life will look like when you have a plan – an action plan?

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