As a New Ways for Families licensed provider for pre-mediation coaching,  you will be prepared to go to mediation with the skills necessary to deal with the business of divorce.

Pre-mediation coaching is a skills based program that helps you to understand everyone’s role in the mediation, how to have realistic expectations, prepare you for trouble spots, and reduce anxiety and fears.

Often times, you may be dealing with a spouse who has all or nothing thinking, unmanaged emotions, extreme behaviors, and blames others for the problem. If this sounds familiar, pre-mediation coaching can help . You will be given a workbook and practice skills to better handle emotional issues so that you can focus on the business of divorce.


Collaborative Divorce

The changes you may need to make to your lifestyle following a divorce can be challenging. During the divorce process, the Divorce Coach strives to provide clarity and confidence that both parties are being heard, and that the rest of the Collaborative Team understands what you would like your life to look like after the divorce.

The process of divorce is one of the most difficult emotional experiences in a person’s life. The divorce coach you hire specializes in human behavior and family systems. As part of the Collaborative Divorce process, they provide a soft landing spot for the range of emotions that accompany divorce. You can work with a coach to determine what matters most to you in the divorce process, both for yourself and your children. By developing skills in open communication, self-management, and creative problem-solving, coaches can also help release the negative emotional energy that can accompany a divorce.

As a Certified Divorce Coach and Co-Parenting Specialist,  you will be prepared to go through the Collaborative process with the support necessary to deal with the business of divorce.


It’s only 45 minutes of your time and it has the potential to put you on the fast track to navigating you divorce with dignity.

“For most of us contemplating divorce, this is scary, unchartered territory. Dealing with Lawyers, Spouse, Splitting Assets, Sharing Custody, etc can be unnerving and alienating. Karen is that rational, supportive rock that you rest at for a while in between bouts of intense activity. She is a certified, experienced guide to show you who you truly are, reaffirm why you are doing it, and gently help you get to a point of readiness. I loved how she helped me explore the new map I was creating of my life here on. Her astute judgment and keen eye picked up on things even an experienced coach like me missed (divorce is fraught with emotion and too close to home)! I came away with a unique understanding of what is driving my fears and once I started working on those, only then, did I start to see hope of a great life ahead even though I did not know the specifics. Thank you, Karen. For being there. For your patience. For your warmth. For not judging.”

Cheryl N.